Used KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step 500 #9181207 for sale

ID: 9181207
Surface profilers.
KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step 500 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment offers an industry-leading platform for surface metrology and defect review applications. The cutting-edge system is designed to be compact, space-saving, and enables efficient semiconductor wafer testing. KLA Alpha Step 500 is a comprehensive and integrated unit, both versatile and reliable, that performs numerous wafer tests and surface metrology functions. It is highly automated and is capable of testing up to 4-inch diameter wafers. Through its advanced optical head and image sensors, the machine detects and inspects critical semiconductor surface features such as gate oxides, gate mask layers, as well as supports defect detection, width/depth measurement, and physical top surface analysis. The tool also offers advanced integrated data analysis for predictive pattern analysis, real-time correction of non-ideal scanning response, as well as automated defect-flagging and descaling features. These features enhance the asset's measuring capability to ensure the highest accuracy and repeatability of test results. Additionally, TENCOR ALPHASTEP 500's IntelligentWafer™ option enables automatic wafer recognition for rapid wafer loading, registration and mapping. The model's intuitive user interface allows users to easily and quickly identify issues, both in images and measurements, and can be set up to provide customized data displays. Engineers can monitor and analyze the status of the test process while they continuously receive data and performance feedback. Additionally, KLA ALPHASTEP 500 can be connected with supervisory control equipment and integrated data management systems, allowing centralized management and supervision of multiple devices. In summary, TENCOR Alpha Step 500 Wafer Testing and Metrology System provides high-resolution imaging and density measurements with its intelligent engineering design, allowing the user to get quick, accurate and repeatable test results. The intuitive user interface and automated wafer loading and recognition allow for an efficient testing experience.
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