Used KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step IQ #9135156 for sale

ID: 9135156
Vintage: 2011
Profilometer, 2011 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step IQ is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for process monitoring and analysis in semiconductor manufacturing. It combines optical imaging with multiple sensors to quickly identify and measure a variety of defects on wafers at critical fabrication nodes. KLA Alpha Step IQ system integrates hardware and software components in one package, providing comprehensive analysis capabilities for large production lots with high throughput. The unit includes an automated handling platform that transports and secures wafers in place, an optical sensor array that captures images of defects for analysis, and an integrated electronics package for controlling the functions of the machine. TENCOR ALPHASTEP IQ is equipped with a selection of advanced image processing algorithms, which enable the fully automated detection and classification of two-dimensional defects on a wafer. The tool can identify parametric irregularities such as on-wafer step height instability, critical dimension (CD) errors, and lack of uniformity. It also classifies on-wafer features and calculates the probability of failure (POF) for tested parts. TENCOR Alpha Step IQ also offers the production monitoring capabilities needed for modern semiconductor fabrication. It can be integrated with real-time defect feedback and can monitor the performance of a process in real-time, providing information about process stability across process nodes. With this capability, the asset can help ensure optimal product quality from one wafer to the next, reducing production costs and increasing yields. Overall, Alpha Step IQ model is an invaluable tool for modern semiconductor fabrication, providing manufacturers with advanced capabilities for defect screening, process monitoring, and metrology. It represents a powerful solution for optimizing production costs, process control, and yield.
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