Used KLA / TENCOR Candela CS10 #9179263 for sale

KLA / TENCOR Candela CS10
ID: 9179263
Surface inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR Candela CS10 is a wafer testing and metrology system utilized for high-precision metrology of wafers, including measurements such as critical dimension (CD) and overlay. The CS10 is part of the Candela series of tools, and it offers a wide range of automated inspection capabilities for a variety of projects. These include review of critical defect locations, failure analysis, process monitoring, and part-to-part verification. It is suitable for both 140nm and 90nm design rules, with feature extraction of up to 55nm. The CS10's advanced wafer-handling mechanism makes it easy to work with high-temperature wafers (up to 500 degrees Celsius) and various wafer diameters (from 200mm to nine inches). Its high-speed laser interferometer ensures accurate metrology with a four-times increase in effective measuring speed over the preceding system. The CS10 boasts both superior wafer throughput and data accuracy. It features a powerful and reliable detector, offering a total measurement area of nearly 2,000 square millimeters. At high speeds, it offers 200 measurements per second. The CS10 is equipped with a multitude of opto-mechanical features, such as an extended measuring field, radiation-cooled radiometric optics, and motors optimized for speed and accuracy. Its image-based edge-detection algorithms enable an accurate determination of edge and step heights for advanced wafer measurements. KLA includes the Trace software suite—which facilitates data acquisition and the simplified handling of the optical system—and a graphical user interface that simplifies operation for users of all experience levels. Together, these features combine to make the CS10 an ideal choice for wafer metrology.
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