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KLA / TENCOR Candela CS10
ID: 9226815
Surface inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR Candela CS10 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that utilizes advanced sensor technologies to measure and characterize wafers. It features an integrated inspection system for quick and accurate defect characterization with high sensitivity, along with a multi-sensor, metrology stage for precise metrology measurements. The unit also has a high accuracy die-to-die defect map created using advanced semiconductor inspection algorithms. With its intuitive and user friendly design, the machine provides excellent wafer performance with cost-effective throughput, making it ideal for semiconductor manufacturing. The CS10 tool offers advanced technology for wafer testing. It is equipped with patented Multi-Sensor Technology, which combines the TE:VISION sensor with mechanical scanning technology to create a high accuracy defect map. This method helps identify both planar and non-planar defects, while providing a high resolution image. The CS10 also includes the High Precision Imaging (HPI) feature, allowing for accurate measurements on die-to-die and die-to-gate circuits. KLA CANDELA CS-10 asset includes a sophisticated software package for handling wafer data acquisition, analysis, and die sorting. The model utilizes a number of software modules that can be selected to suit specific customer needs, including 3D inspection, defect characterization, part-to-part analysis, and yield analysis. The software offers flexible data management and easy-to-use graphical analysis tools to help users gain valuable insight into their process. The equipment also includes advanced features such as lithography-edge inspection, line edge roughness measurements, and pattern recognition algorithms. These tools provide a more comprehensive approach to defect-detection and metrology tasks. Additionally, the software can be used to generate accurate profiles for wafer-level performance evaluation. To ensure reliable results, the CS10 system is designed with automated maintenance and calibration features. To avoid downtime, the unit's chucks and stages can be calibrated quickly and remotely. The automated machine also offers in-situ health maintenance features, allowing for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. In conclusion, TENCOR CANDELA CS 10 is a cost-effective solution for wafer testing and metrology. The tool's advanced and intuitive features provide reliable and accurate results, making it an ideal choice for semiconductor manufacturing. With its versatile software options and automated maintenance and calibration features, the CS10 is designed to maximize productivity and optimize wafer performance.
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