Used KLA / TENCOR D6 #9206785 for sale

ID: 9206785
Fly height tester.
KLA / TENCOR D6 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that drives the industry standard for multi-layer defect inspection applications. Its proprietary technology enables the detection of defects beyond the traditional resolution capabilities of other inspection systems. The advanced KLA D6 system employs both Dual-Beam and Quadruple-Beam optical heads that measure the defects within critical layers and detect potential electrical failure mechanisms often invisible to standard testing equipment. The unit features selectable spot sizes of 10 to 300 μm that provides users with options to inspect both small and large printed circuit lines. This allows users to conduct a variety of inspections for differing application needs. TENCOR D6 also includes an array of performance enhancing features, such as a high degree of automation, a software user friendly interface, as well as powerful analysis capabilities. The user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies the steps for setup and operation. Furthermore, its built-in software capabilities deliver powerful analytics, pattern recognition, and piloting inspection features; enabling the machine to identify recurrent features in different locations on the wafer. In addition, KLA proprietary Quadruple-Beam technology enables highly predictable detection of small particles, critical line defects, as well as potential electrical failure mechanisms including bridging, dirt, across/insulating layers. In addition, this tool supports three-dimensional inspection of the highest layers with its patented CoreView technology. D6 asset supports all industry standard wafer cassette sizes, making it a versatile option for IT, consumer, and wafer level packaging (WLP) testing. Its total reticle throughput is 950 reticles per hour, and the model offers multiple throughput options for various applications. TENCOR delivers a mature and reliable package with KLA / TENCOR D6 equipment, making it the comprehensive choice for many metrology and wafer defect inspection applications.
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