Used KLA / TENCOR FLX-2320 #9142571 for sale

ID: 9142571
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1993
Stress measurement system, 6" 1993 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR FLX-2320 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to provide precise, high-performance testing and analysis of advanced semiconductor devices. The system is capable of delivering high-speed analysis to a wide range of technologies, providing the ultimate in accuracy, reliability, and throughput for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing. KLA FLX-2320 is equipped with a powerful optical microscope with sub-micron accuracy and autofocus capabilities. It is also equipped with 1.5M pixel CCD and Spatial Pixel Mapper (SPM) technology, with a total magnification range reaching up to 500X. This allows the unit to accurately measure precise physical dimensions of device features, such as line widths, pitch, etc. In addition, the machine can accurately measure electrical characteristics, such as leakage current, capacitance, and resistance. Furthermore, the tool has advanced 3D software, which provides the ability to accurately analyze the height and depth of device features. In addition to its sophisticated metrology capabilities, TENCOR FLX 2320 is also equipped with a sophisticated wafer testing asset. The model is equipped with a high speed wafer probing card, which enables it to rapidly and accurately measure the electrical characteristics of device features. The equipment can accurately probe both analog and digital circuits, and is capable of measuring at high frequencies. In addition, the system can accurately measure the electrical characteristics of device features in a variety of environmental conditions. FLX 2320 is a user-friendly unit, and is simple to operate. It has a straightforward user interface and easy-to-use software that provide users with the ability to quickly and easily program and control the machine. The intuitive user interface allows users to configure and control a variety of settings to ensure that the tool is able to accurately measure and analyze device features. Overall, TENCOR FLX-2320 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset. Its sophisticated optical and electrical testing capabilities, combined with its user-friendly operation and software, make it an ideal solution for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.
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