Used KLA / TENCOR FLX 2350 #9203062 for sale

ID: 9203062
Thin film stress measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR FLX 2350 is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment offering a suite of optical capabilities for a range of non-contact and non-destructive technologies. This instrument's functions include stage scanning, 3D imaging, ultra-thin chip impression, and micro-molding. The flexibility of KLA FLX 2350 makes it an excellent choice for precision wafer testing and metrology applications in a wide range of industries. TENCOR FLX 2350 is a large format system with a high capacity for wafer sizes up to 9x13 inches. It offers both a quick and gentle scanning solution, with automatic wafer alignment capabilities to ensure the wafer is properly positioned for the test. FLX 2350 is capable of detecting very small defects and performing automated measurements, classifications, and sorting with a high degree of accuracy. KLA / TENCOR FLX 2350 is equipped with several advanced imaging and measurement technologies. These include; low-noise stereo-microscopy, two-photon stereomicroscopy, high-speed diffraction-limited imaging, fluorescence imaging, atomic force microscopy, optical profilometry, slope scanning, and multimodal imaging. Each of these techniques is capable of measuring and detecting even the smallest of defects or features, with accuracy and repeatability. KLA FLX 2350 is powered by KLA AFIX Vision Unit, which is capable of both defect recognition and mitigation. With this integration, TENCOR FLX 2350 is able to detect, recognize, analyze, and sort critical defects, as well as make corrections for them. It is also capable of performing critical measurements for process control, such as design rule checks and process control analyses. The machine offers a range of software packages, such as process auditors, defect analyzers, and image viewers for a variety of test and metrology applications. Also included is TENCOR AFIX Vision Tool, which automates the test, inspection, and measurement process. FLX 2350 provides users with real-time access to report analysis, metrics, and other data. KLA / TENCOR FLX 2350 is a high speed, accurate, and efficient wafer testing and metrology asset, perfect for a range of precision wafer testing and metrology applications. Its robust design ensures it can provide accurate results and maximum uptime even in demanding environments. With the addition of the AFIX Vision Model, KLA FLX 2350 is a powerful tool that can automate a range of testing and metrology processes.
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