Used KLA / TENCOR FLX-2908 #9016283 for sale

ID: 9016283
Thin film measurement system No software included.
KLA / TENCOR FLX-2908 wafer testing and metrology equipment is an integrated, high-precision platform designed to help engineers and scientists characterize the physical properties of wafers with fast and accurate results. The system's powerful proprietary optics and computer software allow it to measure multiple parameters, such as front- and back-surface topography, surface morphology, wafer warp, resistivity, reflectivity, or film thickness, within 1 micron. It combines metrology, defect inspection, and wafer orientation alignments to deliver highly reliable results with fast turnaround times for a wide range of applications. KLA FLX-2908 utilizes a light-based inspection and imaging unit to detect defects in the wafers surface. This machine employs beam-steering, enabling each targeted point on the wafer to be fused by three or more distinct illumination angles, forming a unique image of the region. Its proprietary imaging technology then processes the raw arrays into meaningful physical data to quantify a variety of surface characteristics, from detailed topography maps to total line count (TLC) maps of the defective regions, to resistivity maps of TLC-identified regions. The tool is also capable of performing wafer warp and thickness measurements on the front or backside of the substrate. Its wavefront analysis technology is capable of determining the exact degree of substrate curvature, which is important for the production of advanced semiconductor components. TENCOR FLX 2908 also integrates metrology and defect detection into a single asset, enabling users to simultaneously measure multiple properties of the same wafer, providing a comprehensive characterization of the substrate's physical characteristics. Its 24/7 model monitoring capability detects potential problems before they occur and can help increase uptime and reduce equipment downtime. FLX-2908 is perfect for engineers and scientists who need reliable and fast characterization of wafer physical properties. Its advanced optics and image processing capabilities give users highly accurate results across a wide variety of applications, while its integration of metrology and defect detection allow for comprehensive physical property characterization of a single wafer.
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