Used KLA / TENCOR FT-650 #139120 for sale

ID: 139120
Film thickness systems.
KLA / TENCOR FT-650 is a versatile wafer testing and metrology system, capable of providing fast and accurate analysis of semiconductor devices. It is designed to measure the width, height, surface profile and edge profile of wafer substrates in the most intricate details. KLA FT-650 offers high-resolution imaging capabilities at a nanometer level, and is installed with several features for automated measurements and defect detection for maximum precision. TENCOR FT-650 is equipped with a high-speed sensor and an intuitive, user-friendly user interface. It is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple sites on the wafer in both the x and y dimensions. It provides a versatile imaging capability, enabling users to acquire multiple images of the same area to obtain measurements, acquire critical line fiducial locations and profile heights, as well as measure sidewall steepness, overlay and resist thickness. Additionally, it features advanced inspection capabilities such as defect classification, classification placement, size distribution, as well as integrated, automated metrology. It also offers fast, reliable, and repeatable results, analyzing thousands of die per hour with high precision and accuracy. Moreover, it is capable of providing in-depth analysis of both open and closed micro-electrical structures. Moreover, FT-650 incorporates advanced algorithms such as cross correlation, which identifies small defects and provides lateral and longitudinal views of these defects. Additionally, it has a versatile software system that enables users to customize the system to their specific application requirements. It also offers external interface control and display of all field measurements simultaneously. KLA / TENCOR FT-650 is also an ideal solution for semiconductor and micro-electronic manufacturers given its ability to meet their demanding engineering and quality control requirements. It is a powerful yet economical alternative to other wafer testing systems, and provides reliable results so that manufacturers can be confident in the quality of their products.
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