Used KLA / TENCOR FT-750 #9078022 for sale

ID: 9078022
Vintage: 1997
Film thickness measurement systems, 1997 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR FT-750 wafer testing and metrology equipment provides accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements on semiconductor wafers. The system is designed for quick and easy wafer testing, allowing for high throughput and high yield. KLA FT-750 includes an industrial-grade automated wafer handling unit that prevents manual operator errors and inconsistencies. TENCOR FT 750 features multiple testing technologies such as surface roughness measurement, non-contact optical imaging, X-ray diffraction, optical scanning, and metrology for advanced technology nodes. The machine is also equipped with an automated wafer mapping feature and automated defect localization that increases productivity and efficiently locates defects. Additionally, FT-750 can perform automated die-to-die measurements that allow for comparative analysis between wafers. TENCOR FT-750 utilizes state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology techniques, including noise analysis testing that helps to improve device performance. Additionally, the tool features multilayer film measurement, which enables verification of film thickness, composition, and process step uniformity. FT 750 asset is outfitted with powerful, intuitive Caliper Smart IV software, which offers a comprehensive suite of features: automated wafer dicing, scratch detection, tracking of die throughput, wafer edge inspection, and image processing. Additionally, the software offers support for SPC charts, statistical process control, and on-board diagnostics. KLA / TENCOR FT 750 wafer testing and metrology model is an ideal tool for ensuring accuracy, repeatability, and throughput in semiconductor wafer testing. The equipment is easy to use and offers a wealth of advanced features that allow for quick and accurate wafer testing. KLA FT 750 provides the ability to accurately measure and analyze semiconductor wafers to ensure high quality assurance in device performance.
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