Used KLA / TENCOR FT-750 #9132987 for sale

ID: 9132987
Film thickness mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR FT-750 is a leading-edge wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to provide superior performance and reliability. The system utilizes high-resolution optical inspection with fast readouts and precision manual control, allowing users to accurately detect surface defects, measure die sizes, and perform front and backside alignment verification. KLA FT-750 achieves its superior performance through the integration of advanced technologies. Its high-resolution optical sensor, featuring a broad spectral sensitivity, allow for highly detailed and accurate surface measurements. The unit is also equipped with a high-speed scan motor and a wide dynamic range of photo detector, enabling fast measurement readouts for a wide range of wafer sizes. In addition, TENCOR FT 750 is capable of full 360 degrees image acquisition for superior vision coverage. KLA / TENCOR FT 750 wafer testing and metrology machine allows users to reduce false positives, detect fine surface defects, and measure die sizes with unprecedented accuracy. Utilizing a state-of-the-art CCD camera combined with proprietary built-in software algorithms, the tool is capable of detecting extremely small defects, even at low illumination levels. Its advanced auto-positioning and tracking, meanwhile, enables fast and accurate die placement and cycle time reduction for frontside alignment verifications. FT-750 also offers exceptional process control capabilities. Onboard software enables users to compare previous measurements to standard, custom, or user-defined ones for fast and accurate results. The asset also features comprehensive data analysis for reliable and repeatable wafer-level defect analysis over time. Overall, KLA FT 750 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology model which offers superior performance and reliability. Its integrated optical inspection, high-speed scan motor, CCD camera, and built-in software algorithms combine to ensure accurate and fast results for all wafer sizes with the utmost precision. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with superior process control capabilities which enable users to quickly analyze defects and compare measurements for reliable and repeatable wafer-level defect analysis.
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