Used KLA / TENCOR FT-750 #9200113 for sale

ID: 9200113
Film thickness measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR FT-750 is a high-performance wafer testing equipment designed for high-volume testing and process control. KLA FT-750 provides comprehensive wafer test, metrology, and process control solutions for the advanced semiconductor industry. This system offers advanced optical technology to provide high-precision, rapid identification of defects on the wafer surfaces, integrated with a wide array of process control functions including real-time defect and yield analysis. TENCOR FT 750 features high-speed, high definition imaging and advanced defect detection algorithms for the quick and accurate detection and classification of defects. The unit is powered by latest-generation hardware and software that offers the fastest and most accurate testing capabilities. The machine includes an advanced interactive user interface for easy and efficient operation, and an extensive suite of defect classification algorithms that offers comprehensive defect detection and classification support. The tool is integrated with KLA Family of Process Control and Management software, which provides quick process control monitoring, and real-time defect and yield analysis. The asset also includes the OptiMapTM technology, which is an automated process control model that aids in wafer processing and analysis. TENCOR FT-750 also provides automated data analysis and reporting for improved process control across multiple product lines and production lots. KLA FT 750 includes a full range of usability features that enable users to quickly set up tests and obtain accurate results in the shortest possible time. The equipment offers advanced automation, including wafer loading, temperature control, and alignment. The system also offers full integration and compatibility with a wide range of wafer metrology systems. Finally, FT-750 provides predictive analysis capabilities with an in-built Artificial Intelligence engine, allowing for more efficient and precise process control. In summary, KLA / TENCOR FT 750 is an advanced and efficient wafer testing and metrology unit with a range of integrated automation, metrology, and process control features that provide a single, effective solution for rapid and accurate defects identification and process control.
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