Used KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830 #9188177 for sale

ID: 9188177
Vintage: 2016
Fully automatic optical inspection system 2016 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to rapidly analyze the physical characteristics of a wide range of devices and substrates. The system is based on the latest generation of proprietary spectroscopic imaging and metrology technology, allowing for high-throughput, high-accuracy, and cost-effective inspection and metrology of today's most advanced semiconductor wafers. KLA T830 harnesses the power of advanced optical spectroscopy and imaging to facilitate high-speed defect detectability inspection, defect inspection in 3D, overlay measurement, and a variety of spectroscopic and imaging algorithms. The integrated Micro Imaging Unit, or MIS, provides 14-bit radiometric resolution imaging and allows the machine to rapidly identify a wide range of defects and particles on the wafer. The tool can be set up to perform measurements and defect inspection on two wafers at the same time. ICOS T830's Metrology Module delivers integrated, non-contact optical critical dimension (CD) metrology and includes advanced 3D mapping and Autofocus capabilities. The asset's specialized nanometer-level metrology feature allows TENCOR T830 to precisely measure small targets such as those found on device nodes with no extra preparation or calibration. The model can also be used for a variety of other metrology tasks, such as roughness, depth, height, step height, and 3D profile measurement. To ensure timely and accurate results, the Metrology Module also features a proprietary AutoStage that intelligently drives focusing to quickly acquire the most accurate results. T830 is credited with several features that increase throughput and complexity. Its advanced optics allow for fast acquisition of data and its automated tracking of moving objects improves repeatability. Its intelligent software suite incorporates algorithmic control of a variety of parameters, including the introduction of correction algorithms, to optimize the usage of multiple probers, enabling greater throughput with less rework. KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830's ability to track multiple wafers per equipment, dramatically increases high sample throughput. KLA T830 provides a powerful combination of speed, accuracy, and usability to ensure that wafer testing and metrology needs are addressed on the most advanced wafers. The system is a reliable tool that helps push the boundaries of accuracy and complexity, while at the same time providing fast, cost-effective results.
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