Used KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830 #9188785 for sale

ID: 9188785
Vintage: 2016
Fully automatic optical inspection system 2016 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor manufacturing. This tool combines test, double-sided scanning, and in-line dimensional metrology in a fully integrated platform. The system utilizes both optical and electrical wafer testing functions for a variety of device types, giving users reliable and precise results. KLA T830 utilizes an enclosed single-stage vacuum scanning unit for processing two wafers at a time. It allows users to quickly transition between wafer sizes, providing enhanced throughput. The machine also offers single-sided and short wafer inspection capability. Along with its dedicated double-sided scanning capabilities, ICOS T830 offers a comprehensive set of front and backside optical, electrical, and dimensional measurements. Using its specialized optical design, T830 can obtain high-resolution images of wafers up to 24" in diameter with a 5x reduction optical tool. At this size, even the smallest features such as pits or cracks can be seen in high detail. The asset also utilizes in-plane imaging for defect coverage over entire die surfaces, which helps ensure that defects are not missed when testing and inspecting large substrates. TENCOR T830 offers a variety of electrical test options, including four-point contact, contactless, open-short-load test, current testing, and a variety of other electrical parameter measurements. It has multiple measurement mechanisms that can be combined with specialized instruments for device isolation and stress detection. With its integrated dimensional metrology, it can measure die sizes, thicknesses, and topology, as well as the offsets of the same two points between different wafers. In addition to its testing and measurement function, KLA / TENCOR / ICOS T830 integrates data management and reporting capabilities. All systems data recorded by the tool is stored in a secure database which can be accessed by authorized personnel. Reports can be generated and exported in various formats, allowing the user to review and analyze results. Overall, KLA T830 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology model designed to provide reliable results while reducing the cost and complexity of semiconductor manufacturing. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a valuable tool for the industry.
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