Used KLA / TENCOR M 300 #9226127 for sale

ID: 9226127
Wafer Size: 6"
RS Gauge, 6".
KLA / TENCOR M 300 Wafer testing and metrology solution is an advanced optical imaging platform specifically designed for manufacturability and process control applications. Utilizing unique, patented patterns, the equipment measures the quantum electrical signal from integrated wafers with extreme accuracy and precision. KLA M 300 platform's optical head and step motor driven stages allows for large-area measurement and high-resolution imaging across a wide range of defect levels. This allows it accurately scan for micro-defects and contaminants - such as dust and voids - that can negatively impact device performance. It can also detect process integration impacts that can occur when lithography processes affect device layer(s) of the IC. The system's imaging capabilities include Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) and Inspection & Review (I&R) functionality for rapid, comprehensive review and transfer of acquired images/data. The unit can detect defects of 10nm sizes and down to 3σ repeatability. In addition, the platform is highly modular, allowing the use of multiple channeled opticalheads and state-of-the-art full field imaging. TENCOR M 300 platform also includes several advantages such as CoAr and double-patterning applications. The CoAr applications allow for fast test time, as well as high accuracy of scanning to detect process integration impacts and micro-defects. This equates to increased throughput and monetary savings. The double-patterning application is an automated, two-channel defect detection technique, which uses two separate areas to inspect a single wafer. M 300's output is managed by KLA AMPLEX software, as it processes and stores all images and associated data, allowing for quick and easy baseline comparison. In addition, the platform is designed for easy maintenance and can be upgraded quickly and cost-effectively. KLA / TENCOR M 300 Wafer testing and metrology solution is a state-of-the-art machine that is highly reliable, dependable and provides accuracy and precision in any environment. With its unparalleled technology and capability, it is the perfect tool to ensure manufacturability and process control.
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