Used KLA / TENCOR M-Gauge 300 #6455 for sale

KLA / TENCOR M-Gauge 300
ID: 6455
System, 4"-6".
KLA / TENCOR M-Gauge 300 is a multi-dimensional, full-wafer-level measurement and analysis equipment for the semiconductor industry. It is specifically designed for fast, on-site characterization of advanced processes, devices, and process control. KLA M-Gauge 300 is composed of a combination of hardware and software components that allow for high-precision, real-time measurement and analysis of wafers. This system uses advanced optics and high-accuracy laser interferometry to characterize the physical characteristics of wafers in real-time. With these features, the unit can measure the dimensions of small features on a wafer's surface via small spot metrology (such as width, depth, height, and positional accuracy); measure process how-out conditions (thickness, resistivity, and overlay accuracy); and measure 3D surface features such as step-heights, surface profiles and more. TENCOR M-Gauge 300 offers high throughput via automated sample depth and surface measurements. The machine is capable of measuring up to 20,000 points per sample in procedure 8/2 mode, providing high-speed analysis for large or complex structures. The tool also allows for custom insertion and extraction of samples on the X-Y stages, allowing for complete and accurate measurement of individual layers. In addition to its wafer-level measurements, M-Gauge 300 has powerful data collection and analysis capabilities. Through its comprehensive suite of analysis software, the asset can be used to inspect and analyze any type of data obtained from a wafer. This includes 2D imaging, vector/scalar data, time-based data and 3D profile data, among others. Additionally, data can be easily integrated with test results and process information on the model to fully characterize the entire process. Overall, KLA / TENCOR M-Gauge 300 is a reliable and highly accurate wafer testing and metrology equipment that can quickly and efficiently characterize a wide variety of wafer parameters. Through its combination of advanced optical, laser, and analysis capabilities, the system provides the necessary insights to engineer, optimize and monitor cutting-edge processes and devices, ensuring high success rates and improved yields.
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