Used KLA / TENCOR OP3290 #9142578 for sale

ID: 9142578
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2001
Film thickness measurement, 8" 2001 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR OP3290 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used to inspect circuit structures on semiconductor wafers for device yield and process, product, and device performance. It is commonly used in the microelectronics and photonics industries to help improve the speed of manufacturing and to improve the quality of finished products. KLA OP3290 provides reliable, repeatable measurements, such as critical dimensions (CD), oxidation, doping, etch depth, and defect counting. TENCOR OP 3290 is an automated wafer testing system consisting of a high resolution optical microscope, a high resolution CCD camera, and a high speed spectrometer. The optical microscope enables the user to examine the circuit structures on the wafer. The CCD camera provides a powerful tool for capturing high resolution images of the circuit structure and for generating detailed analysis and quantitation of critical dimensions (CD) and other features of the circuit. The spectrometer is used to measure the composition and concentration of different materials present in the circuit structure. TENCOR OP3290 is capable of measuring, analyzing, and evaluating the wafer's thickness, surface flatness, CD, dopant concentration, oxidation levels, etch depth, and other aspects of the wafer structure. It has a variety of automated wafer testing and metrology tools, including LaserMetrology, Auto-tracking, and Stage Scan. The LaserMetrology module is used to measure the thickness of the probe films on the wafer, the flatness of surface features, and the thickness of the circuit layers. The Auto-tracking module allows quick and accurate measurement of critical dimensions (CDs) and lateral offsets. The Stage Scan module allows automated mapping and imaging of the entire wafer surface. KLA OP 3290 is an advanced unit with a customizable user interface and a variety of software tools for displaying data, performing calculations, and generating reports. It also includes a library of defect classifications and parameters used for defect analysis and characterization. The machine is designed to work with a variety of semiconductor materials, including Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Indium Phosphide, and Silicon on Insulator (SOI). KLA / TENCOR OP 3290 tool is an essential tool in the production of the highest quality products. Its high resolution optics, automated wafer testing tools, and powerful defect analysis software make it an invaluable addition to the modern semiconductor manufacturing process.
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