Used KLA / TENCOR P-4 #9155534 for sale

ID: 9155534
Surface profiler.
KLA / TENCOR P-4 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure critical parameters on a wide range of semiconductor wafers. The system is used in a variety of industries for failure analysis, characterization, and process control. The unit features an automated stage that is capable of precision measurements at multiple locations on a single wafer. The machine also contains an integrated nanomanipulator for hands-on measurements of wafer features, including probing and alignment of electrodes, via interconnects, or through gate structures. The integrated vision tool makes accurate and repeatable metrology and material measurements across the entire field of view. KLA P-4 is equipped with an optical spectroscopy asset that measures on-wafer reflectivity, resistivity, and permittivity. Using advanced algorithms, the model is able to detect and report resistive values in real time. The integrated image recognition technology is also capable of detecting various features on the wafer, which can then be automatically measured and analyzed. In addition, the equipment is capable of measuring features such as corner radii, micromirrors, channels, and electrodes. The integrated data acquisition system can store, analyze, and report data in a customizable way. It is programmed to recognize and distinguish between different types of failure, allowing for accurate failure analysis. The unit also has the capability to measure dies of different size, providing flexibility to users. TENCOR P-4 machine uses advanced algorithms combined with a robust design, enabling it to deliver accurate and reliable results. Noteworthy features of the tool are its repeatability, speed, and accuracy of measurement. The asset is designed to function in harsh environments, including in cleanrooms, and can maintain performance in extreme temperatures and radiation levels. Furthermore, the model offers safety features to protect personnel and the equipment itself from harm. P-4 system meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards, including SEMI, ESD, and SEMATECH. The unit is designed to be easily integrated with most existing laboratory infrastructure, making it a great addition to any semiconductor wafer metrology and testing setup.
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