Used KLA / TENCOR P-7 #9204283 for sale

ID: 9204283
Film thickness measurement system Procal wafer VLSI Standard sample Includes PC & Shock absorbing desk.
KLA / TENCOR P-7 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for complete characterization of semiconductor wafers and devices. It is based on an exclusive and comprehensive PicoTOUCH Contour Metrology System that allows for fast, accurate, and fail-safe measurements. This unit utilizes high-precision laser interferometry to provide non-contact measurements used to measure surface topography of wafers and device surfaces. The machine also relies on a custom-developed data analysis and process characterization software to analyze and report results. The software consists of multiple modules, including a look-and-feel graphical user interface, a high-speed data acquisition and analysis engine, and modules for extracting and reporting metrics and descriptive variables. It includes a wide array of sophisticated algorithms to ensure measurements are accurate, reproducible, and reliable. KLA P-7 features dual mounting capabilities; it can mount and inspect two wafers at once, enabling efficient throughput. With the help of this dual component, it is possible to accurately measure multiple devices on the same wafer simultaneously. Using advanced algorithms, the tool can identify individual devices on the wafer and isolate them for individual analysis. The asset utilizes integrated report-ready templates to enable quick and easy formatting of inspection data for comprehensive comparison and analysis of the entire wafer and of specific features and devices. Additionally, the model also includes an advanced high-speed imaging equipment to capture various important wafer-level features, such as particle contamination, presence of defect areas, and etch uniformity. This advanced wafer testing and metrology system is ideal for quality control and process optimization across diverse industries. The unit is easy to install, operate, and maintain while providing valuable information to enhance process control and yield in the production process.
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