Used KLA / TENCOR P1 #9009071 for sale

ID: 9009071
Surface profiler.
KLA / TENCOR P1 is an advanced Wafer Testing and Metrology (WT&M) equipment designed to provide reliable and efficient evaluation of semiconductor wafers for quality assurance and control. The WT&M system utilizes a combination of hardware and software components to precisely measure and analyze features on the wafer. The hardware component of KLA P-1 unit consists of an advanced wafer scanner which performs optical inspection of the wafer to detect potential defects. An automated sample loading chamber, with an optional robotic arm or manual loading, is used to transport the wafer from the scanner to the measurement module. The measurement module houses a LAD camera, motion module and illumination reference module that are responsible for analyzing contours and characteristics of the sample to determine any variations or flaws. The software component of TENCOR P 1 machine includes a user-friendly interface for manual or automated operation. This component is responsible for controlling the hardware components and collecting the results of the tests. Automatic analysis and classification algorithms are available to classify and isolate anomalous measurements. Waveform analysis, profile analysis, edge detection, and FOV size can be used to thoroughly examine and grade the wafer. Ultimately, KLA / TENCOR P 1 tool is designed to increase the accuracy and speed of wafer inspection and analysis. The user-friendly features of the software allow administrators to easily configure settings and access test results quickly. The combination of the advanced hardware and software components of P 1 asset provide a comprehensive and reliable solution that is invaluable in wafer quality assurance and control.
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