Used KLA / TENCOR P10 #9143723 for sale

ID: 9143723
KLA / TENCOR P10 is one of the most advanced wafer testing and metrology systems currently available. It is a high-performance platform designed for production and research purposes, offering a wide range of wafer testing and metrology capabilities. KLA P-10 features a unique blend of speed, precision and automation, allowing for faster throughput and greater accuracy than other similar systems. It is capable of achieving measurements with a repeatability of 1 nm and a resolution of 0.25 nm. The equipment is configurable, allowing users to tailor it to different applications, including semiconductor, soft substrate and nanotechnology. TENCOR P 10 utilizes a unique triple-reflection interferometer (TRI) design that offers high-precision. It incorporates a variety of features that enable the system to quickly acquire a wide range of nanoscale measurements on a variety of substrates and materials. This unit can measure features as small as 5 nm on a wide range of samples, including wafer resist, thin films, steps, and other features that may otherwise be difficult to measure. TENCOR P-10 is a truly versatile tool, designed to be used in many different ways. It can be used in production for process monitoring, characterization, defect analysis, and so much more. It can also be used for in-depth research, conducting detailed process development and characterization tasks. It takes advantage of parallel machining and high-end automation capabilities for an even faster processing speed, and is designed to run around the clock if required. In addition to its impressive accuracy and speed, P 10 is also highly reliable and durable. It is certified to undergo rigorous testing, compliant to ISO/IEC standards, and is designed to be maintenance-free. P10 is an advanced, versatile machine that offers unmatched levels of precision, automation, and speed for production and research tasks. Its combination of reliability and performance makes it one of the best wafer testing and metrology systems on the market.
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