Used KLA / TENCOR P10 #9215072 for sale

ID: 9215072
KLA / TENCOR P10 wafer testing and metrology equipment is designed to provide the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and repeatability throughout a manufacturing process. This system is designed for wafer inspection and metrology in an automated environment. KLA P-10 is a fully automated unit capable of testing every wafer in a given process. It includes a high-performance optical machine, a precision software suite, and a fully automated manipulation tool that can quickly and accurately measure whole-wafer features and defects. This asset offers the highest resolution and repeatability and lowest variability in measuring wafer-level uniformity, thickness, and line widths. The high-performance optical model is designed to maximize the efficiency of the equipment by providing higher signal to noise ratios, higher levels of speed and accuracy, and improved image integrity. The optics are optimized for a variety of wafer and planar layouts, including high aspect ratio wafers with lines as fine as 10 nm. The precision software suite provides flexible and sophisticated wafer testing tools for engineering, metrology, and process development. It includes CAD-based wafer specification, various algorithms for image quality evaluation, and correlation of metrology and process results. The software suite can also create a second image map of the same area for correlation to additional characterization and process steps. TENCOR P 10 is controlled by a fully automated manipulation system that offers fast, accurate, and repeatable placement of wafers on the stage. It includes reliable motion control, a closed-loop sample transfer unit, and independent sample manipulation capabilities. The machine is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications and environments, from bench-top to full-scale manufacturing. In all, P 10 wafer testing and metrology tool is designed to provide the highest levels of accuracy, repeatability, and precision possible in a wafer testing and metrology environment. The advanced optical asset, sophisticated software suite, and automation capabilities combine to create a model that can quickly and accurately measure a variety of wafer parameters and defects.
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