Used KLA / TENCOR P11 #130279 for sale

ID: 130279
Vintage: 2001
Long scan profiler Microhead sr low force measurement head Force range: 1 to 50 mg Top and side view optics Vertical range: 300µm Motorized X/Y stage Sample size: 10 x 10" to 14 x 14" with side panel removed Scan length: 205mm Scan speed: 1µm/s to 25mm/s Operating system: Windows Pentium PC Stylus Video camera 2001 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR P11 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to identify and characterize defects in semiconductor wafers. The system is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the status of the wafers under test, providing insights into possible causes of defects and potential corrective actions. The unit utilizes a number of hardware components, including optical wafer inspection systems, wafer stress measuring systems, test and defect analysis systems, and defect counting systems. These components work together to identify and measure defects on the wafer, including particle anomalies, surface roughness anomalies, electric field anomalies, mechanical stress anomalies, and chemical residue. KLA P-11 machine includes a number of proprietary software tools that allow for the rapid analysis of defect data. These tools include defect classification, metric interpretation, anomaly detection, and machine vision algorithms. This data can be analyzed to detect root causes of defects, giving users the ability to make changes to their processes to avoid them in the future. Along with automated defect analysis, TENCOR P 11 tool provides metrology services, allowing for the analysis of wafer electrical and geometrical properties. This can be used to detect process non-uniformities, which can then be corrected by process engineers. TENCOR P11 asset also provides comprehensive process tracking capabilities. This allows users to monitor their processes over time, ensuring consistency and predicting areas of potential improvement. These tools also provide data correlations over time and across wafers, allowing users to understand entire process flows. In summary, TENCOR P-11 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology model designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the status of semiconductor wafers. It utilizes powerful proprietary software tools to detect and interpret defects, measure electrical and geometrical properties, and track process performance. This allows users to maximize process performance and yield.
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