Used KLA / TENCOR P11 #9188381 for sale

ID: 9188381
Vintage: 1999
Surface profiler 1999 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR P11 is a high performance wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for processes that involve 300 mm wafer fabrication. The system is capable of providing high accuracy and repeatable test results that are essential for high-end process production. It delivers a high level of quality assurance and is capable of testing wafers as small as 10 nm in size. KLA P-11 offers high-speed wafer testing with a rapid throughput of up to 10 wafers per minute, making it ideal for large scale manufacturing. The unit also incorporates automated quality controls and data analysis capabilities, giving users comprehensive insight into their process and the ability to detect issues quickly. TENCOR P 11 caters to a wide range of wafer test and metrology needs, with a variety of tools capable of testing for particle contamination, focusing on microscopy, surface and chemical analysis. The machine can also provide a comprehensive array of optical and imaging capabilities, including defect review, particle inspection, binarization, and film thickness measurements. The tool also offers precision alignment and positioning capabilities with high capacity autofocus and servo-control systems. This ensures that the testing process is accurate and repeatable, and that any defects or particles can be properly identified and analyzed. TENCOR P11 is also equipped with a variety of data analysis capabilities, including a full suite of data analysis and reporting tools. This allows users to generate accurate test reports in a variety of formats suitable for their specific needs. Overall, P-11 is a highly advanced wafer testing and metrology asset designed to provide accurate, repeatable results that are essential for large-scale process production. The model can handle a wide range of test and metrology tasks, from particle testing to optical and imaging capabilities, and provides a comprehensive set of data analysis and reporting tools for a complete picture of the process and to detect issues quickly.
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