Used KLA / TENCOR P11 #9202328 for sale

ID: 9202328
Surface profiler, 8" Long scan profiler Does not included computer.
KLA / TENCOR P11 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for advanced quality control and inspection applications in the semiconductor industry. It is engineered for high throughput and accuracy, with superior metrology capabilities. The system comes with three different configurations - one for integrated circuit (IC) test and analysis, one for 3D multi-layer inspection, and one for advanced measurements and defect identification. Each module offers a range of features and capabilities to support each specific application. KLA P-11 offers advanced imaging and pattern recognition capabilities, such as dual-beam CCD and cmos sensors, edge-detection and pattern recognition algorithms, and high-speed double-scan architecture. It also includes countersink-type scanners for fine line and feature measurement, high resolution X-ray imaging and metrology systems, and strain-mapping tools. The unit offers comprehensive debugging capabilities as well as analysis, measurement, and review capabilities for both optical and electrical tests. It also comes with a suite of software applications, including Optifind, a database-driven defect management and analysis capability, and Datascan, which provides real-time control over process and yield optimization. TENCOR P 11 also includes wafer database information, an intuitive user interface, statistical process control (SPC) capabilities, a web-based inspection machine, and probe-card testing capabilities. It has a built-in file management tool, making it easy to download, review, and categorize important data. KLA P 11 is also equipped with features to ensure compliance with industry standards, including support for FDA/GMP-compliant devices. It is certified compliant with a wide range of industrial standards, from AT&T's Reflow Soldering 200 to CISPR 22. TENCOR P-11 is ideal for complex wafer testing and metrology applications, offering high speed, precision, and accuracy. With its advanced imaging and quality control tools, the asset helps to ensure quality production of products, reduce defects, and improve yields.
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