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ID: 9269308
Step measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR P11 is a leading-edge wafer testing and metrology equipment that is revolutionizing the semiconductor testing and metrology industries. KLA P-11 utilizes a high-powered 3D laser scan technology to obtain an accurate, high-resolution image of an individual wafer. This detailed image, combined with an automated optical inspection system, enables TENCOR P 11 to quickly and accurately measure a wide range of features on wafers, including feature dimensions, overlay measurements, critical dimensions, and yield analysis. KLA P11 consists of a basic platform and multiple modules for added functionality. The base platform includes a vertical multi-axis stage, a fast scanning head, a high-resolution confocal imaging module, and several other components for accurate imaging and metrology. The multi-axis stage allows for precise positioning of the wafer and the confocal imaging module allows for a detailed, 3D imaging of any wafer. KLA / TENCOR P-11 uses four additional modules to provide additional measurement capabilities. These include an overlay measurement module, a die-to-die critical dimension (CD) module, a process signature and profile measurement module, and a wafer-level yield measurement module. The overlay module allows for the comparison of one chip to another, while the die-to-die CD module can measure the distance between two different features on a die. The process signature module measures the electrical profile of the wafer, while the wafer-level yield module tests the wafer's yield rate. P11 can also be used for automated test program optimization and provides a single-point of data for managing testing, metrology, and data analysis. This software feature enables users to track the performance of their testing operations, analyze and compare the results, and optimize the processes for the best results. Overall, KLA P 11 is an advanced testing and metrology unit that provides an enhanced, detailed view of a wafer. Its 3D laser scan technology can quickly and accurately measure a wide range of features on wafers, and its automated optical inspection machine provides data for optimizing test programs. All of these features make P-11 an essential tool for semiconductor manufacturers.
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