Used KLA / TENCOR P15 #9055500 for sale

ID: 9055500
Stylus Profiler Microhead sr standard range Vertical travel: 327um Force range: 1-50mg Dual view optics: Top down 115x-465x Side view 90x-410x Motorized level and rotation Vacuum sample hold down Measures features down to 0.25um PC with dongle Software ver.: 6.4 Monitor Keyboard.
KLA / TENCOR P15 equipment is a fully automated wafer testing and metrology platform that provides high throughput, low cost and accurate wafer process control test and inspection. This system is ideal for process control applications across multiple industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and solar panel production. KLA P-15 unit is a robotic handling platform. It uses a robotic arm to analyze incoming wafer samples and inspect them with various metrology tools and detectors. These metrology tools include optical, acoustic and x-ray inspection systems. The machine is optimized for high throughput and to ensure accuracy in inspecting and measuring the wafers. TENCOR P 15 tool is also capable of performing wafer process control tests. It can detect and distinguish between different types of particles and contaminants that are present on the surface of the wafer and help identify if they are within the user-defined limits. This helps in preventing defects and inconsistencies in the final product. The asset offers multiple detectors and metrology tools to analyze and inspect the wafers. These include particle sensors, optical-profilers, acoustic microscopy, and other cutting-edge methods. The model is highly reliable, as it has been tested in multiple industry standards and conforms to stringent environmental standards. P 15 equipment enables high throughput with minimal downtime. It is highly suited for production lines where accuracy and speed are necessary. The platform is highly scalable and can be used for both small and large production runs. It also allows for flexibility, as the parameters and tools can be changed easily to adapt to different requirements and processes. In addition, KLA P15 system provides excellent data analysis and reporting capabilities. It is capable of maintaining an archive of wafer data which can be used for further evaluation, analysis and reporting. The unit also offers the ability to generate detailed charts and reports that can be used to monitor and analyze the performance of the metrology tools. Overall, TENCOR P-15 is an ideal solution for process control applications. It offers high speed, accuracy and scalability, while being easy to use and maintain. The machine also provides a wealth of data analysis and reporting capabilities, making it an ideal choice for process control tests and inspection.
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