Used KLA / TENCOR P15 #9159741 for sale

ID: 9159741
Surface profilers Parts machine.
KLA / TENCOR P15 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to analyze semiconductor wafers. The system uses advanced automated metrology techniques to detect defects on wafers that may be caused during manufacturing processes. KLA P-15 is designed to scan through the entire wafer and detect even the smallest defect on the surface of the wafer. The unit can also detect and classify any aberrations in the wafer surface, such as thickness variation and surface carryover. The machine utilizes a high-resolution optical microscope with built-in chromatic aberration correction to multipoint scan the wafer with the highest accuracy. The tool can also be equipped with advanced algorithms designed to automatically recognize any abnormal patterns and compare them with predetermined standard patterns. The asset also integrates polarized light microscopy to provide higher throughput and detection accuracy. The model provides an intuitive user interface for easy operation. It includes integrated video inspection for manual review of any defects. Features such as real-time wafer mapping and automated focus control enable fast and easy scanning. The deep learning capabilities of the equipment provide an intuitive three-dimensional overview of the wafer map, which can be used to identify any kind of defects in the wafer. In addition to defect detection, the system can also be used for other types of critical measurements. It provides accurate results for measurements such as film thickness, line width, and particle density. It can also be used to analyze structures such as vias, trenches, contact holes, and posts. It also provides metrology capabilities such as film flatness and tilt measurements. TENCOR P 15's integrated SPC tools allow for statistical process control and early detection of potential problems that can cause product quality issues. This information can be used for in-depth analysis and continuous process improvement. The unit also offers a host of other features such as remote support, data archiving, and automated reporting. Overall, KLA P 15 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology machine designed to improve process efficiency and yield while providing accurate defect detection. The tool's intuitive user interface and powerful metrology capabilities make it an ideal tool for the semiconductor industry.
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