Used KLA / TENCOR P15 #9224782 for sale

ID: 9224782
Wafer Size: 12"
Surface profiler, 12" Can be modified to 8" Operating system: Windows XP.
KLA / TENCOR P15 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a state-of-the-art solution for quality control, yield management, and defect detection and review. It offers powerful features and capabilities that enable accurate, efficient, and cost-effective process control. The integrated software offers a wide range of data measurement, analysis, and visualization tools, which allow users to quickly identify defects and their causes. This highly capable wafer testing and metrology system is designed with an automated edge recognition and sampling feature, to ensure sample points on every wafer are consistent, regardless of wafer size or batch. Other standard features include automatic scanning of wafers and measurement of surface characteristics and thickness, as well as an integrated strain gage that can acquire and display dynamic strain measurements. In addition, KLA P-15 has advanced capabilities including measurement of overlay and critical dimensions (CD) using contrast analysis and automated alignment and focusing. These features enable precise, repeatable measurements of features on a wafer-by-wafer basis. Moreover, the unit's multivariate analysis and statistical analysis tools allow users to get a comprehensive evaluation of the process, enabling rapid identification and correction of issues. TENCOR P 15 also provides users with a complete reports package and a user-friendly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This user-friendly interface can be used in both offline and operator-interactive modes, and users can quickly visualize data graphically in a variety of formats. P-15 machine also offers superior operational security features, providing single point of contact for tool deployment and service. Furthermore, the asset's user-friendly GUI is compliant with a range of industrial protocols and standards, such as the OPC-UA for Intranet communication, or the OPC-WEB for controlling model remotely through a standard web browser. Overall, KLA P15 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides accurate, efficient, and cost-effective features for process control and defect detection. Its integrated software, advanced capabilities, and intuitive user interface make it a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use solution for any quality-control lab.
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