Used KLA / TENCOR P2 #9005127 for sale

ID: 9005127
Long scan profiler Configuration: 12.5 µm Stylus Software: Tencor P-2 Long Scan Profiller Version 1.6.2 Sequence / Data Base Stress Analysis Interactive 3-D Input Voltage: 120VAC Only Includes: Kinetic Systems Vibraplane Table, Model 1201-02-11 KLA Tencor Stylus Alignment Tool, Part Number 219517.
KLA / TENCOR P2 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for wafer level metrology and defect review. It uses the latest technology to inspect and analyze wafers for defects, measuring electrical, optical and other physical parameters for a wide range of semiconductors and other materials. The system comprises of three components: a mainframe unit, a wafer prober and an excimer laser. The mainframe machine consists of an optical microscope stage, an automated prober stage and a wafer handler. It can be used to perform analytics with a range of high-resolution imaging techniques including ellipsometry, polarized light microscopy, surface analysis, absorption spectroscopy and imaging. These techniques are used to measure layers of material, current leakage, thickness of layers, resistivity, surface roughness and optical properties. The wafer prober is used to make contact with a wafer and perform various tests. The probe head contains an array of miniature probes that touch the surface of the wafer. This allows contact with the wafer to measure electrical parameters such as resistance, capacitance and inductance. The probes also measure the potential of a circuit, the current flow through the wafer and monitor voltage drops. All of this information is used in defect analysis. The excimer laser is used to etch a pattern into the material to be inspected. This laser beam is used to create microcircuit features with a high degree of accuracy and precision. The laser beam can create tiny patterns on material with accuracy levels better than 1 micron. The laser beam can also be used to detect defects on the material that cannot be detected using a standard microscope. KLA P-2 is a powerful and reliable wafer testing and metrology tool that provides accurate and reliable results. The asset is ideal for measuring electrical, optical and other physical parameters of semiconductors and other materials and can be used to detect defects in the material. It is widely used in the semiconductor industry for ensuring quality of materials used in the manufacturing process.
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