Used KLA / TENCOR P2 #9100966 for sale

ID: 9100966
Surface profiler.
KLA / TENCOR P2 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used for assessing the electrical properties of wafers in the semiconductor production process. The system is composed of a sample holder, test head, illumination subsystem, metrology subsystem, software interface, and data acquisition and analysis module. The sample holder attaches the wafer to the equipment and holds it in place during testing. The test head is where the electrical testing process occurs. The test head contains an integrated power supply, digital signal processor, and a set of wafer probes. The power supply enables the probes to deliver a predetermined electrical signal to the wafer. The digital signal processor is used to modify the signal in response to the data gathered during the testing process. The illumination subsystem provides the lighting needed for the imaging process. It is composed of light sources and lenses that provide uniform illumination of the wafer. The metrology subsystem includes the imaging device that captures images of the wafer. It can be configured to provide magnified images or real-time images of the wafer's surface, and it can also measure electrical properties such as resistance, capacitance, and breakdown voltage. The software interface allows the user to control the unit parameters and store the collected data for post-processing. It is used to configure the machine's measurement and control parameters, initiate the test sequence, and manage data acquisition and analysis. The data acquisition and analysis module is used to process the raw data collected from the wafer testing process and to generate reports with detailed analysis of the results. Finally, KLA P-2 includes a suite of diagnostic tools to ensure that all results are accurate and reliable. These include a defect and anomaly detection tool, a testing quality assurance asset, and a yield analysis model for optimization of the production process. Overall, TENCOR P 2 provides a comprehensive solution for wafer testing and metrology. It offers superior performance, accuracy, and reliability to ensure efficient and reliable production process control.
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