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KLA / TENCOR P2 is a wafer testing and metrology system designed to provide state-of-the-art metrology and testing capabilities to the semiconductor industry. The system supports key wafer manufacturing processes, including die attach, lithography, dielectric coating, resist coat/develop, and die bonding. It also enables advanced process control, defect prevention, and yield management, leveraging high-speed optical, thermal, and electrical metrology capabilities. KLA P-2 consists of a suite of non-contact optical, x-ray, acoustic, and electrical probes and modules that offer high-resolution imaging capabilities and detailed measurements of parameters such as layer thickness, surface roughness, interconnect geometry, transistor characteristics, and die-attach warpage. The x-ray CCD enables defect detection, while the optical probe measures line widths, contact holes, and contacts. The acoustic and thermal probes measure microbump morphology and location. The electrical module enables device characterization and device optimization using a variety of electrical test and analysis techniques. TENCOR P 2 is built to handle all major stages of device manufacturing, including defect inspection, metrology, process assurance, and process control. Its high resolution and accuracy allow for precise control of feature sizes and shapes, ensuring that devices meet grade specifications. Its high-speed imaging and data analysis capabilities enable real-time monitoring and evaluation of device fabrication steps, supporting process optimization and allowing for faster ramp-up of new processes and devices. Advanced optimization and data management tools enable the efficient generation of data-driven decisions. KLA P 2 also includes automated, full-field process control and adaptive process control (APC) capabilities which allow users to manipulate their process in real-time. Users can quickly respond to critical process metrics and non-critical yield data in order to improve product yields. Overall, KLA P2 is a powerful and reliable tool for the semiconductor industry. With its high-resolution optical, x-ray, acoustic, and electrical probes, combined with advanced optimization and data management capabilities, TENCOR P2 provides the advanced process control, defect prevention, and yield management needed for today's high-volume, high-precision applications.
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