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ID: 9093855
Long scan profiler, 254 x 254 mm Measures: Roughness, Waviness, Topography (TIR, Height, Average height) Scan length: 210 mm Scan speed: 1 um/sec to 25 mm/s Scan method: moving stage, stationary stylus Stylus control: Programmable force: 1-100 mg ± 0.1 mg Full retract between scans Programmable descent rate Measurement control: Manual / Single scan mode Keylock with (3) modes Repeat and average mode Automatic sequence mode Sample handling: Motorized XY Max sample size: 254 x 253 mm Sampling rate: 50, 100, 200/s nominal Vertical range: ±6.5 um at 1A resolution, ±150 um at 25A resolution Vertical linearity, entire range: ±0.5% Horizontal resolution: 0.01 um at 1 um/sec scan speed Step height repeatability: 13 um range: 0.001 um (10A) max standard deviation 300 um range: 0.005 um (50A) max standard deviation Base line stability: Time: 0.02 um (200A) max TIR for a 100-s scan Distance: 0.2 um (2000A) max TIR on a profile length of 130 um verified on a 1/20 optical flat Data storage: HD: 40 MB Diskette: 1.4 MB on 3.5" Disk DOS operating system Tencor P-2 Program Recipes Data Analysis: Interactive graph Delta Average mode Zoom box data expansion Data catalog Database manager option Metric or English units.
KLA / TENCOR P2H is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to exceed the industry's most stringent industry specifications and requirements. It is capable of accommodating wafer sizes up to 200 mm in diameter, while its advanced automation software and independent sub-systems make it an ideal solution for laboratories and fabs producing multiple device technologies. The system is driven by four components - the Data Acquisition Unit (DAS), the Inspection Machine (IS), the Metrology Tool and the Total Measurement Asset (TMS). The DAS is an automated data collection model that captures performance parametrics and test outputs from semiconductor devices and interfaces with the other components of the equipment. The IS is a powerful automated inspection system that provides for rapid, spec-compliant image analysis and characterization of the devices under test. It also offers various image evaluations like detection, classification, measurement, pattern recognition and colorization. The Metrology Unit is a comprehensive metrology solution for device dimension measurements, electrical parameters, defect characterization and failure analysis. It offers advanced analytical capabilities to accurately measure a wide variety of parameters and material attributes. The TMS allows for comprehensive management of the data collected by the various sub-systems and enables users to quickly assess wafer quality and overall device characteristics. KLA P-2H features the latest in wafer testing technology, with integrated hardware, software and systems designed to maximize accuracy and repeatability, and ensure maximal productivity. All systems are incorporated in an optimized format, increasing the speed and accuracy of data acquisition and analysis, while reducing overall cycle time. It is also equipped with cutting-edge methods for quality defect detection, auto-tuning techniques for optimum results, and statistical quality control processes to ensure trustworthy results. In addition, TENCOR P 2H machine is designed to be user friendly, featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, full control of the various sub-systems and components, as well as a live monitoring facility to display performance progress. Security controls and data protection protocols are also in place for safe and secure operation. TENCOR P 2 H is a suitable tool for both prototyping and high-volume production wafer testing environments, providing maximum performance, repeatability and reliability. With its comprehensive range of metrology and image analysis capabilities, its easy-to-use design, and its ability to significantly reduce fabrication time, it is an ideal tool for any modern semiconductor laboratory or fab.
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