Used KLA / TENCOR Puma 9130 #9214946 for sale

ID: 9214946
Wafer Size: 12"
Vintage: 2007
Darkfield inspection system, 12" 2007 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR Puma 9130 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers exclusive capabilities. Built to maximize through-put and productivity in a modern production environment, the system delivers precise and reliable measurements as a powerful tool for marking and measuring complex semiconductor wafers. KLA Puma 9130 is a multi-functional wafer testing solution that is capable of testing a wide range of wafers including: CMOS, SOI, MEMS, mixed-signal and power devices. The unit is equipped with the latest in imaging technology and offers precise detection of defects and features on the wafers. TENCOR Puma 9130 features a 4× BSE imaging mode which enables more accurate inspection of devices. Additionally, it provides an array of probing capabilities to support precise defect and feature location as well as a full array of 2D/3D metrology measurements. The machine makes use of its patented polarized light capability which is designed to enable high-resolution imaging that captures fine details of the wafer's surface. The tool's high-accuracy stage positioning asset is designed to give precise measurements on very small feature sizes. By using positioning and pattern recognition technologies, the model can precisely measure device structures, such as gate junctions, and other small features. Puma 9130's unique architecture gives it the flexibility to be configurable and perform a variety of wafer testing functions even in tight spaces. It has an integrated environmental chamber to control the environment and temperature in order to regulate the tested conditions and reduce oxidative effects that could damage the wafers. KLA / TENCOR Puma 9130 features high throughput and fast processing capabilities, making it a great solution for production environments. The equipment is capable of testing up to 300 wafers per hour and features a unique low particle environment. This, combined with its low cost of ownership, makes it a great solution for a high throughput wafer testing and metrology system.
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