Used KLA / TENCOR RE35e #9130305 for sale

ID: 9130305
Resistivity mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR RE35e is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high-precision surface and deep-level metrology inspections of semiconductor devices. The system offers superior performance in a small footprint, without compromising measurement accuracy. KLA RE35e is designed to provide superior and very precise wafer-level measurements, while also allowing for higher throughput rates. It includes an advanced multi-axis CCD platform, utilizing a high-resolution optical transfer module and state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, suitable for both in-line and lab-based metrology. It features an integrated, dual-stage pattern generator allowing for different pattern sizes and depths to be measured. The pattern generation method ensures consistent, high-resolution results, regardless of wafer material or process type. TENCOR RE35e's integrated focus and alignment algorithms enable lower-cost, and very fast, measurements. In addition, its advanced optical module, flexible pattern generation, and high-precision servomotors provide very precise and accurate measurements, without introducing artifacts in the results. RE35e incorporates an intuitive user-friendly software interface, allowing users to easily set up and configure the unit for various applications and tasks. Users can easily access and control many of the machine's features. Users can choose from a variety of settings, including metrology type (e.g., CD, lateral critical dimension, thickness, etc.), exposure settings (tilt, focus, exposure time), and acquired data acquisition parameters (e.g., sampling rates, gain, linearity, etc.). The tool also offers several advanced features, such as multiple site measure recognition, automated wafer mapping, signal analysis, and optical model building. This allows users to obtain very accurate measurements, while still allowing for faster throughput. KLA / TENCOR RE35e is an ideal choice for both research and production purposes, as it enables precise and fast wafer-level surface and deep-level metrology inspections. It will maximize efficiency, reduce error rates, and ensure reliable data.
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