Used KLA / TENCOR RS-55TCA #9192127 for sale

ID: 9192127
Resistivity mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR RS-55TCA is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of device layers, defects, and structural properties on a variety of substrates and products. The system utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as laser interferometry for fast and efficient surface profiling, as well as scanning acoustic microscopy that allows for simultaneous multiple beam testing to optimize device performance. The combination of these capabilities make KLA RS55TCA an ideal choice for high-volume wafer processing, including challenges like probing, inspection, post-process cleaning, and defect verification. The unit features two high-performance linear drives for steady scanning across wafers of any size, and is equipped with an integrated metrology package that lets users customize to their specifications. The machine also includes a proprietary defect inspection suite that can find and analyze even the smallest imperfections in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the option to integrate features such as cross-sectional SEM images, spectroscopy, and digital imaging, ensures that the highest possible accuracy and sensitivity is achieved. TENCOR RS-55 TCA operates with near-perfect performance with a wide variety of test wafers, and is designed to be compatible with a wide range of industry-standard wafer processors. Its automated process and calibration features let users take full control of their testing parameters, while also providing in-depth reports and precise analysis of wafer performance. By using an in-vacuum tool, RS55TCA can perform tests on various types of wafers without the need for additional protective layers, allowing for a much smoother surface finish and more accurate results. Additionally, the asset is equipped with sophisticated software programs that generate insights, analysis, and detailed records for improved tracking and traceability. KLA RS-55TCA is a reliable and powerful wafer testing and metrology model that is designed for high-volume manufacturing of a variety of components and products. With a range of integrated features and cutting-edge technologies, it offers users improved efficiency, accuracy, and performance.
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