Used KLA / TENCOR RS-55TCA #9195303 for sale

ID: 9195303
Resistivity mapping system Handler type: H2.
KLA / TENCOR RS-55TCA is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor fabrication and IC design. It is a fully automated system that enables high-resolution defect analysis, yield management, process control, and failure analysis. The unit provides high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability in monitoring and controlling the production of integrated circuits. KLA RS55TCA machine combines a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) sensor, a die-to-wafer aligner, and a multi-axis stage to deliver images of high resolution and exceptional accuracy. The CCD sensor uses a patented optical imaging tool to capture non-visible information at the individual-die and die-level. An advanced microscope imaging technology is then used to analyze and detect defects of 10 - 40 µm. The die-to-wafer aligner registers wafer topography and provides a large field of view to accurately locate and identify defects. The multi-axis stage provides a high accuracy of motion for precise positioning and movement. TENCOR RS-55 TCA is calibrated with a calibration box that ensures precision metrology at the sub-micron level. The asset is capable of measuring up to eight different parameters from different sites on the wafer. From die-by-die measurements all the way to macro-level photomultiplier measurements, TENCOR RS 55 TCA can detect any irregularities that may arise during the production of integrated circuits. The model is also able to detect features such as thin-film deposition, grain structure, cross-sectional imaging, and TEOS (tetraethyl orthosilicate) depositions. RS-55TCA is an advanced metrology tool for chip manufacturing and fabrication. It is designed to deliver high accuracy and repeatability while delivering reliable data that can assist in yield management and process control. This tool can help ensure quality assurance of the final product while also identifying and mitigating production issues. KLA / TENCOR RS 55 TCA's robust multi-axis stage, CCD sensor, and die-to-wafer aligner provide a powerful combination for precise and reliable wafer testing and metrology.
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