Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 6200 #9083816 for sale

ID: 9083816
Particle counter systems.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 6200 is a next-generation wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It offers ultra-precise analysis and fast throughput for efficient and reliable production. The system is capable of substrate testing, characterizing surfaces, pattern inspection and metrology, along with data extraction and wafer geometrical characterization. It is also capable of process monitoring and regulation. The unit exhibits high-speed, high-accuracy optical scanning, allowing for up to 16 micrometers of travel in the 8-inch and 12-inch wafer size range. The machine's high-sensitivity optical detector delivers fast and accurate measurements, ensuring accurate and error-free test results. To ensure wafer integrity and superior surface roughness, measured results are correlated to within one micrometer. The tool is equipped with three cameras, two equipped with linear stages and one with a free-beam. This offers efficient and versatile surface scanning, with measurements and detection in both the X and Y plane. The linear stages allow for precise movement in both planes, enabling high accuracy measurements of sample surface features such as bumps, pits, scratches, warped surfaces and defects. KLA SFS 6200 utilizes a combination of advanced optics, motion, software and electronics for superior performance and superior accuracy to 1 sigma. It also uses innovative algorithms for collecting surface data, maximizing the available information in each wafer. Overall, TENCOR SFS6200 is a powerful and versatile testing and metrology asset that offers superior throughput time and the ultimate accuracy. It is capable of surface analysis and characterization, offering superior performance, speed and efficiency in semiconductor production.
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