Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7200 #72754 for sale

ID: 72754
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Vintage: 1991
Surface inspection systems, 6"-8" 1991 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7200 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide market-leading testing and analysis of semiconductor devices. The system offers an unparalleled combination of automated wafer cleaning, testing, and metrology capabilities, enabling users to address their process control and fabrication challenges even more accurately and consistently. KLA SFS 7200 offers fully automated testing capabilities for both electrical and optical metrology. It enables fast and accurate testing of a wide range of device types, including transistors, capacitors, Schottky diodes, bipolar transistors, and MOSFETs. Automated test scripts enable rapid and repeatable separation of good and bad devices, for rapid yield analysis. TENCOR SFS7200 incorporates advanced optics and illumination systems, making it capable of detecting a wider variety of defects that are not visible by traditional wafer inspection. By detecting these low level defects earlier in the process flow, users can significantly reduce late-stage corrections and improve yields. In addition, the unit's fast and reliable data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities enable users to identify areas of process variation or critical process areas. This information can be used to reduce or eliminate process bottlenecks, resulting in greater process batch yield and capacity. The machine's wafer handling capabilities are designed to address the safety, speed and accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications. SFS 7200 provides precise motion control of wafers across its entire 8-inch diameter platform, ensuring precise device placement and precise wafer alignment. KLA SFS7200 also offers integration with a wide range of software, enabling easy connection to modern fabs and manufacturing lines. Overall, the tool enables users to quickly configure their test plans, accurately collect data from the test process, and provide users with clear results for process optimization. Overall, TENCOR SFS 7200 offers a comprehensive and powerful platform for automated wafer testing and metrology. It delivers market-leading test speeds and accuracy, significantly expanding users' test and analysis capabilities. Users benefit from increased process control, improved yield and faster time to market.
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