Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7200 #9200112 for sale

ID: 9200112
Inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7200 is a precision wafer testing and metrology equipment that incorporates an array of advanced wafer testing and metrology technologies. This system delivers high accuracy, precision measurements on a wide variety of semiconductor wafer types. The design utilizes pattern identification, thermal imaging, and high resolution automated optical inspection, and image analysis to accurately measure extensive die-level data from chips on a wafer surface. KLA SFS 7200 offers a powerful set of capabilities required to evaluate advanced semiconductor performance characteristics. Its wafer probing technology is supported by an advanced inspection unit that can measure a variety of electrical characteristics, such as current leakage and resistance. The suite of performance and metrology features includes cut-off voltage measurement, automated photo-detection, contact detection, and die flatness measurements. TENCOR SFS7200 is capable of handling multiple wafer substrates, including Flat Panel Display, Silicon-on-Sapphire, Silicon-on-Carbide, Silicon-on-Insulator, Optical, and Metallized wafers. Its advanced image processing systems accurately locate die features, such as recesses, steps, holes, pits, bumps, channels, and other features on an inspected wafer. KLA / TENCOR SFS7200 can recognize the material type, geometry, and electrical characteristics of die on the surface, and offers automated data analysis to provide a detailed report of test results. This machine also allows engineers to create custom test routines and analyze the results of cutting-edge devices, enabling them to quickly identify defects and optimize their process. SFS7200 can be used to inspect numerous materials, including copper, aluminum, steel, polysilicon, polycrystalline, compound, and gallium arsenide wafers. This tool also incorporates integrated control systems to accurately adjust the optical axis for viewing the wafer surface. With such features, TENCOR SFS 7200 can verify the criteria for advanced process performance. Overall, KLA SFS7200 is a highly reliable and precise wafer testing and metrology asset with a range of sensing capabilities. It is an effective tool for measuring, diagnosing, and characterizing complex semiconductor die features, allowing engineers to streamline their processes and yield the highest-quality parts.
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