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ID: 9137319
Laser particle counter.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7600 metrology and wafer testing equipment is a highly sophisticated tool that enables the analysis and characterization of semiconductor materials. It offers a comprehensive range of metrology and analysis capabilities to facilitate meaningful data collection and insights. The system offers a combination of unique capabilities such as photometric imaging, advanced surface and interfacial characterization, and the measurement of the electrical properties of semiconductor devices. This is achieved through the use of a combination of scan motors, sensors, light sources and digital imaging. Through the unit's combined capabilities it is able to detect the presence and amount of contaminants on the wafer surface, detect the presence and properties of metal film layers, monitor and measure the presence and properties of dielectric films, measure changing layer thickness, and analyze electrical parameters. KLA SFS 7600 can handle wafers up to 4" in diameter and has the ability to configure its settings for different testing profiles. Thanks to its robust design the machine offers extreme precision and the ability to withstand the harsh conditions typical to industrial semiconductor fabrication environments. Furthermore, the tool is compliant with the requirements for advanced guiding and handling techniques, as well as the stringent quality standards the industry demands. The asset includes a range of features that enable it to achieve superior performance in the wafer, including multi-level control capabilities, auto-focus and laser centering, high-level digital image processing, and a suite of integrated software interfaces. This array of features, combined with the model's ability to detect small defect sizes and repeatable measurements, enables TENCOR SFS7600 to deliver vital quality information to the semiconductor fabricator. Advanced measurement and metrology capabilities make TENCOR SFS 7600 an invaluable asset to the semiconductor industry, providing fabrication with a powerful tool for ensuring optimal wafer performance and quality control.
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