Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7600 #9159253 for sale

ID: 9159253
Vintage: 1996
Laser particle counter OS: WinNT 1996 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7600 is a state of the art wafer testing and metrology equipment. It can be used for the testing and analysis of the microstructure, electrical, and thermal properties of semiconductor wafers. The system is comprised of a suite of modules, including measurement, analysis, and data visualization modules, that can be configured according to customer specifications. The unit includes an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) for operator functions, as well as a highly efficient automation machine for data transfer and control. The tool also provides a powerful library of measurement and analysis algorithms to enable non-expert users to perform metrology tests and analysis operations quickly and accurately. All of these modules are designed to perform at high levels of accuracy and consistency, making it an ideal choice for quality assurance professionals in the semiconductor industry. KLA SFS 7600 integrates multiple contact and non-contact metrology instruments, such as AFMs, optical microscopes, and FTIR imaging systems. It can measure a broad range of wafers sizes, from 200mm to 10 cm, with a maximum accuracy of 0.5 nm. The asset also has a range of integrated sensors, including temperature, humidity, and tilt, to monitor the environment of the measurement process. In addition to these features, TENCOR SFS7600 has a variety of data-acquisition tools and software modules such as SmartQC and SmartAlign. The SmartQC module automates the measurement of essential metrology parameters, while the SmartAlign module simplifies the process of aligning wafers prior to testing. The model also includes powerful options for data analysis and visualization. It can generate 2D or 3D images with various metrics such as grain size, particle distribution, and surface texture. Overall, SFS7600 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precision and quality assurance. It provides a wide range of instruments and tools that can be used to measure and analyze a variety of characteristics of semiconductor wafers, as well as to manage, analyze, and visualize the results. The system is also easy to use and adaptable to individual customer requirements, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the semiconductor industry.
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