Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7600 #9167258 for sale

ID: 9167258
Wafer Size: 8"
Patterned wafer inspection system, 8" Missing parts.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7600 is a leading-edge metrology and wafer testing equipment used in the semiconductor industry. It offers improved performance and capabilities compared to its predecessor—the SFS 6000. The system combines a task-optimized, high-speed metrology unit with automated wafer testing and handling systems, providing a comprehensive platform designed to meet the most demanding semiconductor markets. Its key features include high-sensitive measurement capabilities, high throughput of wafer testing, and unparalleled automation. KLA SFS 7600 features an innovative high-dynamic performance Optex optical machine with large chromatic aberration correction (LAC) technology. The compatibility of the tool with several light and measurement settings allows for a broad range of advanced testing, from atomic-level to micro-scale. This automated wafer testing asset provides comprehensive characterizations of multiple layers on a single wafer, advanced analysis of electron, ion, device, and optical properties. The precision metrology performance of TENCOR SFS7600 model enables accurate real-time monitoring of wafer surface defects, yield management, and improved yield optimization. It provides additional capabilities for both non-contact and scanning mode measurements with advanced algorithms for edge and crystal characterizations. The advanced algorithms of the equipment also allow precise measurement of source/drain and other critical geometric characteristics for process control. In addition, KLA / TENCOR SFS7600 also offers more flexible access to manage local databases. It provides an open, user-friendly environment to give users the power to customize the system to meet their specific needs. It offers automated wafer testing capabilities to conduct effective wafer testing and analysis from the lab to the production floor. The unit has an integrated robotic loader and unloader that can handle up to 6 wafers simultaneously, resulting in greater efficiencies when working with multiple wafers. KLA SFS7600 also comes with a variety of software solutions designed to maximize user productivity and accuracy. Main features include advanced real-time defect detection, investigation toolkit, automated wafer thickness mapping, and a comprehensive Statistics Reporting Tool. This makes SFS7600 an ideal choice for wafer testing and metrology in the semiconductor industry.
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