Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 #9083819 for sale

ID: 9083819
Particle inspection systems.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 is a world-leading wafer testing and metrology equipment. The fully automated system provides fast and accurate wafer measurements, enabling the rapid characterization of a broad range of wafer geometries. The unit offers a comprehensive suite of high-resolution optical, atomic force, and electrical tests. Its high resolution imaging and optical microscopy capabilities enable accurate surface inspections, while the electron beam lithography enables precise patterning and topography measurements. The electrical tester also supports a variety of device and process characterization tasks. The machine's electrometer sensor head and detail scalar can measure sheet resistance, carrier mobility, and effective channel length with nanometer precision. It also offers advanced edge-placement accuracy measurements and on-die voltage metrology for very small devices. The high-accuracy stage and index motion of KLA SFS 7700 ensure highly repeatable and accurate measurements. The tool also includes a spacious sample chamber, robust contamination protections, high sensitivity cameras for inspections, and intuitive user interface. The wide range temperature controllers provide precise temperature stability and control during testing. TENCOR SFS 7700 accelerates the reliability analysis of advanced wafer devices and semiconductor packages. Its advanced imaging capabilities provide a non-destructive alternative to other wafer characterization techniques. The comprehensive test coverage allows engineers to quickly identify defects, characterize wafer characteristics, and asses material interactions. Overall, SFS 7700 provides powerful metrology capabilities to support the reliable manufacturing of advanced device technology. Its accurate and repeatable measurements enable manufacturers to quickly assess device performance and entrust consumer safety. With cutting-edge wafer testing and metrology capabilities, KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 is the ideal choice for semiconductor production.
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