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ID: 9137304
Surface scanner.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure and analyze a variety of fabrication parameters and defect types on semiconductor wafers. It uses automated optical inspection and process measurements to provide a comprehensive picture of wafer performance. The platform utilizes advanced optics, algoritms, and sensors to measure the physical and electrical properties of wafers and lithography films. KLA SFS 7700 has two driving components - the hardware, and the software suite of tools that complement it. The platform's hardware is capable of imaging wafers up to 300mm in diameter with 8736 independently controllable upper and lower surface pixels. The system also features a high-speed stage that moves the wafer in a precise manner and enables rapid wafer scanning. The unit also includes a user interface, a fully digital microscope, and a color non-contact display. The machine features a suite of software tools that analyze wafers and detect any potential defects or irregularities. The software suite includes a line wafer feature tool, an metal layer inspection tool, a color scratch detection tool, and a particle detection tool, among others. These tools analyze a variety of fabrication parameters, such as wafer thickness, reflectivity, line width variation, and film uniformity. The tool also offers an integrated automated defect diagnostic asset, a shadow and particle imaging model, an overlay measurement equipment, and a flatness measurement system. TENCOR SFS 7700 also offers a comprehensive service package, including customer support and training. This includes a team of technical support, training, and application engineers who are available to assist with setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the unit. Additional support is offered through a variety of documentation and online resources. Overall, SFS 7700 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology machine designed to deliver accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements and analysis. It is suitable for use in the production and manufacturing of a wide range of wafer-based products.
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