Used KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 #9158752 for sale

ID: 9158752
Wafer Size: 8"
Particle inspection system, 8" Missing parts.
KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is one of the industry's leading solutions for wafer inspection and metrology. KLA SFS 7700 is a high performance, multi-sensor imaging system optimized for high-throughput analysis of critical device structures. The unit can be used for a variety of types of specimens, including wafer substrates, SOI wafers, flip chips, MEMS, and TFT devices. TENCOR SFS 7700 incorporates a multi-modal imaging platform composed of state-of-the-art visual and spectroscopic technologies. The visual imaging mode includes color CCDs and brightfield, darkfield, and phase-shifting. The spectroscopic imaging mode includes off-axis fluorescence, spectrophotometry, lifetime imaging, imaging spectroscopy, and near-infrared spectrometer. The machine also provides a wide range of analytical capabilities, including error analysis, flaw detection, overlay metrology, feature dimensioning, focus adjustment, and particle analysis. SFS 7700 is powered by the SOPROLAB-Bio automation software suite. This software provides comprehensive management of sample preparation, imaging, analysis, and data transfer by controlling multiple sensors and devices. It also helps to ensure accurate and repeatable data by optimizing ingredients dosages, substrate orientation, and staining levels. The tool is designed for high-volume production and is capable of meeting the most demanding throughput requirements. The platform is also highly configurable, allowing for easy upgrade and future expansion. Through its engineered solutions, rich software suite, and advanced technologies, KLA / TENCOR SFS 7700 offers unequaled speed and accuracy for wafer testing and metrology.
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