Used KLA / TENCOR Therma-wave OP 3290DUV #9139673 for sale

KLA / TENCOR Therma-wave OP 3290DUV
ID: 9139673
Wafer Size: 6"
Opti-Probe, 6".
KLA / TENCOR Therma-wave OP 3290DUV is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment that accurately and quickly measures the uniformity of a wafer to guarantee precise outputs. It is a wafer optical profiler that provides exceptional precision with exceptionally low cost of ownership. It offers the unique advantage of being able to read any type of wafer, both on positive (raised) and negative (sunken) surfaces, to guarantee exact measurements for a wide range of applications. The Therma-wave utilizes an advanced wavelength-selection and sweeping optics thats collects three photometric signals: red, green and UV. The advanced optics provide high resolution, stable measurements with minimal patterning variation. The three photometric signals are then collected and analyzed, which provides information on the conditions of a wafer. The system then uses dual blue-light probe techniques combined with triple-wavelength power-averaging techniques to take the best measurements and eliminate any possibility of human errors when measuring a wafer. This ensures an accuracy rate of up to 0.5um on any type of wafer. KLA Therma-wave OP 3290DUV also utilizes a precision-controlled air-bearing-on-glass unit that minimizes vibrations for secure, long-term accuracy. The machine comes with a fully automated wafer-handling that allows up to 20 wafers to be tested simultaneously, without manual labor. This allows for a faster output rates with precision that guarantees successful wafer testing. The critical data from the wafer testing is processed by included analysis software that is available in multiple languages. The software can produce detailed quality assurance reports to provide an objective assessment of quality and yield optimization for fast, reliable, and efficient production. Furthermore, the software features automated learning and self-correction models to ensure that the data is accurate and free of any errors. TENCOR Therma-wave OP 3290DUV is the ideal solution for guaranteeing exact measurements of any wafer. With its advanced optic selection, precision controlled air-bearing-on-glass tool, automated wafer handle and multiple languages available the software, this wafer optical profiler provides fast, accurate wafer testing and data-processing with minimal costs of ownership.
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