Used KLA / TENCOR UV 1050 #9152999 for sale

ID: 9152999
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1996
Film thickness measurement system, 8" (1) Process chamber Summit software version: 2.23.05 FTML Version: 3.13.02 1996 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR UV 1050 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for semiconductor device measurements on a variety of wafer types and sizes. The system features the latest HDx Defect Inspection technology, which combines Quad-Sub Resolution imaging with advanced algorithm processing to inspect the smallest defects on wafers. The unit also offers 3D metrology capabilities, allowing for critical process steps analysis. KLA UV 1050 is designed for use in back-end processing environments, with a flexible design that supports a range of sample types, sizes, and configurations. It is equipped with a dual-beam imaging machine featuring a 254nm UV light source, which is ideal for inspecting and identifying very small defects. The tool delivers a full range of defect inspections and measurements, from present-to-absent measurements to more complex overlay, sidewall, and critical height measurements. TENCOR UV 1050 is also equipped with a number of advanced metrology capabilities, including 3D overlay, surface roughness, and step height measurement capabilities. Additionally, the asset's fast measurement speed and memory allows for quick and accurate process control. The model also offers intuitive software, which allows users to easily configure and customize their measurement process and settings. UV 1050 offers a number of benefits to semiconductor device manufacturers, including faster cycle times, lower cost of ownership, increased process control, and improved defect analysis capabilities. Additionally, the equipment's advanced HDx technology enables more accurate defect detection and offers the extra advantage of producing high-contrast images that are easier to analyze. Overall, KLA / TENCOR UV 1050 is an ideal tool for wafer testing and metrology. It offers a number of advanced features, including HDx Defect Inspection, 3D metrology capabilities, and intuitive software. This system is well suited for back-end processing environments and allows manufacturers to benefit from increased process control, faster cycle times, and improved defect analysis capabilities.
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