Used KLA / TENCOR XT+ #9144986 for sale

ID: 9144986
Vintage: 2007
Dark field inspection system 2007 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR XT+ is one of the most advanced wafer testing and metrology systems in the industry. It provides powerful imaging, analysis, and metrology capabilities for measuring and inspecting wafers. With its advanced technology and intuitive user interface, it enables users to quickly determine and resolve wafer process and structural issues. KLA XT+ equipment utilizes proprietary non-destructive optical technology and its integrated automated defect review tool to deliver superior performance in wafer testing and metrology. A high-resolution LED illumination system provides quality inspection feedback in real time with repeatable and accurate measurements to ensure quality production standards. The high-performance unit features a built-in image acquisition and processing machine, precision alignment and focusing, and flexible imaging tools. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect and measure imperfections and other recordable results such as film thickness, graininess, grain size, micro-defects, contamination, contamination levels, surface topography, and defects such as micro-/nano-cracks. In addition, TENCOR XT+ tool provides advanced capabilities for optimizing die alignment, feature analysis, and overlay correction. In addition, it is also capable of providing comprehensive statistical analysis with results that can be used to develop statistical process control (SPC). The asset's intuitive user interface, together with the integrated Analyzer software, provides users with the ability to quickly access and evaluate critical data, allowing for a more comprehensive and thorough characterization of wafers. XT+ model is a must-have for wafer testing and metrology applications. Its advanced capabilities help users monitor and optimize wafer production process, resulting in greater yield and reduced manufacturing cost. Furthermore, its comprehensive performance capabilities allow users to quickly determine and resolve wafer process and structural issues in a timely fashion.
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