Used KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei #9085623 for sale

ID: 9085623
Wafer Size: 12"
Wafer testing and metrology systems, 12".
KOBELCO LRP-3050Ei is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for measurements of ultra thin wafers and other delicate devices. Its advanced technology is capable of measuring characteristics with high precision and accuracy. The system is equipped with a 9 axis robot arm that supports automatic measurement of 2D or 3D characteristics of fine features. It also has advanced touch sensors that allow for accurate surface shape measurement of wafers and other delicate devices. Its high-speed processing enables capturing of data points with high accuracy. It also supports various types of probes and implements variation in measurement technique. The unit is designed for quick and easy implementation with features such as automatic axis movement, automatic alignment and calibration, etc. It comes with advanced, multi-sensor technology that allows for integrated measurement of multiple areas in a single operation, enabling efficient usage of measurement resources. It also employs advanced vision inspection sensors allowing for detailed analysis of wafers. Its metrology capabilities allow for inspection of various parameters such as total thickness of a wafer, wafer surface conditions and contours, surface topography, defect distributions, and so on. The machine is compliant with global standards, thus providing users with reliable testing accuracy. Additionally, it supports automated data analysis and storage, so that all data obtained from measurement can be saved and categorized for later use. LRP-3050Ei is an efficient wafer testing and metrology tool with advanced technology and design that enables highly accurate and precise measurements of wafers and other delicate devices. It features easy integration and usage, and comes with various integrated features allowing for efficient testing and analysis. All in all, it is an ideal testing and metrology asset for those dealing with ultra thin wafers and other delicate devices.
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